Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC), which was founded in the year 1966, celebrated its 50 years of glorious journey by organizing



Golden Jubilee Conference on “Copper”

at Mumbai

on 15th & 16th December, 2016




Indian and overseas experts from about 100 organisations representing primary copper producers, downstream copper product manufacturers, copper associations, equipment manufacturers, traders, research institutes as well as end users of copper based products attended the programme. Around 200 participants attended and 18 papers were presented during the two day conference.


Mr. K. D. Diwan, Chairman & Managing Director, Hindustan Copper Ltd. inaugurated the conference. Mr. P. Ramnath, Chief Executive Officer, Sterlite Copper & Mr. J. C. Laddha, Chief Executive Officer, Birla Copper addressed the participants as Special Guests. Mr. Rikab Mehta, Co-chairman, Organising Committee & Managing Director, Mehta Group of Industries, welcomed the participants Mr. D. K. Jain, Chairman, Organising Committee & Managing Director, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Rajive Kaul, President, Indian Copper Development Centre also addressed the participants. The session concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. D. De Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Indian Copper Development Centre.

































The following papers were presented during the four presentation sessions of the two day conference :

·           ICSG’s View of Current Copper Market Conditions and Future Outlook

by Don Smale, International Copper Study Group, Portugal


·           The Short-term Outlook for Copper Demand

by Dr. Mark Loveitt, International Wrought Copper Council, U.K.


·           Positive Material Identification (PMI) – Copper and Copper Alloys

by Vikram Mulay, Dynamic Technology Systems, Mumbai


·           An Overview of the Indian Copper Based Semis Industry

by D. K. Jain, Indian Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturers Association


·           An Overview of Indian Copper Conductor Manufacturing Industry

by Shreegopal Kabra, RR Kabel Ltd., Mumbai & Former President, Winding Wires Manufacturers’ Association of India


·          Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process for Malanjkhand Copper Concentrate

by Marko Lampi, Outotec, Finland

·           Challenges for Indian Copper Consumers

by Mahendra R. Mehta, Precision Wires India Ltd., Mumbai


·           Key Factors for Sustainable Manufacturing

by Dr. P. Sriram, Rapsri Engineering Products Company Ltd., Karnataka


·           Recent Technical Innovations in Continuous Wire Rod Casting Technology

by Sir Michael Nairn, Rautomead Ltd., U.K.


·           Coatings for Copper Moulds to Improve Productivity & Quality in Continuous Casting of Steel

by Sumit Dhody, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Co. Pvt. Ltd., Sriperumbudur


·           Outotec Smelting Technologies – No Spills

by Jukka Tuominen, Outotec, Finland


·           compacROD® - Continuous Copper Rod Plants for Lower Production Capacities

by Thomas Schatz, SMS Group GmbH, Germany


·           Distribution Transformer – A New Business Opportunity

by Manas Kumar Kundu, International Copper Association India, Mumbai


·           Heat Exchangers for Air Conditioners : Opportunities and Challenges

by Indraneel Samanta, Blue Star Ltd., Thane


·           Copper Drawing Lubricant Advancements and Selection

by Scott Schultz, RichardsApex AustralAsia, Australia


·           Copper Titanium Alloys – A Made in India Technology

by Lalit Kumar Pahwa, Pahwa MetalTech Pvt. Ltd., Pune


·           LYCOS - e-Platform for Metals

by Anuj Bareja, TRAFIGURA, Mumbai


·           MTLEXS - A Unique Non-Ferrous Metals e-Marketplace

by Suneel Mardia, MTLEXS, Mumbai


·           Government Funding Opportunity for Copper Industry Through GITA

by Vimal Kumar, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), New Delhi



Each presentation session was followed by extremely lively interactive discussions when the presenters of the papers answered various queries raised by the audience.


Apart from the above technical lectures, presentations and discussions the Celebration also included a captivating Cultural Programme on Indian Classical Dance in the Odissi form, presented by KAISHIKI. The programme was well appreciated by the audience.