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The seminar on “Technological Advances in Copper CCR Rod Manufacture & Downstream Processing” was organized by Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) in Mumbai on 30th November, 2014.  About 100 participants attended the programme both from India and abroad.  They represented primary copper producers, CCR rod manufacturers, manufacturers of equipments for producing continuous cast copper rods & copper conductors, manufacturers of copper wires, cables & conductors, lubricant as well as packaging materials.


The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. S. Nanda, Director (Operations), Hindustan Copper Ltd. During his inaugural address, he appreciated ICDC for their effort in bringing a perfect blend of participants in the seminar, i.e. manufacturers, users and equipment manufacturers of copper CCR rods.  He also mentioned how appropriate the time was in selecting the subject of the seminar as the year coincided with the golden jubilee year for production of copper CCR rod in the world and the silver jubilee year for the same in India.  He added that the wire drawing industry and the conductor manufacturing industry got immensely benefitted both qualitatively and quantitatively when copper CCR rod replaced wire bars.  So the CCR rod producers should be very particular about the quality of the product which would ultimately satisfy the various end users.


Dr. D. De Sarkar, Indian Copper Development Centre welcomed the participants. He also highlighted the activities of the Centre and the objective of organizing the seminar.


Mr. Sanjay Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Hindalco Industries Ltd. (Unit: Birla Copper), who was the Guest of Honour of the seminar addressed the participants.  He highlighted the need for technological upgradation in various stages of production keeping in mind the cost effectiveness of the process for sustaining in the competitive market.


Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Sesa Sterlite Ltd.(Unit: Sterlite Copper), another Guest of Honour of the seminar also addressed the participants mentioning the status of copper industry in India vis--vis the world. He also highlighted the activities of Sterlite Copper in respect of refined copper production as well as its social activities.


Mr. I. Mukherjee, Metallurgist, Indian Copper Development Centre proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Dignitories sitting on the dais (L R) : Dr. D. De Sarkar, Mr. Pankaj Kumar, Mr. S. Nanda, Mr. Sanjay Sarkar, Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee

A view of the audience

Mr. S. Nanda delivering his inaugural address

Mr. Michael E. Gallagher of Southwire Co. presenting the paper

Mr. Reed von Gal of Southwire Co. presenting the paper

Mr. Anil Kapoor of Birla Copper presenting his paper

Mr. Awadesh Kumar of Hindustan Copper Ltd. presenting his paper

Mr. Alok Ranjan of Sterlite Copper presenting his paper

Sir Michael Nairn of Rautomead Ltd. presenting his paper

Mr. Scott Schultz of RichardsApex AustralAsia presenting his paper

Mr. Amrut Kajrekar of Ram Ratna Group presenting his paper

Mr. Wayne Thornhill of Metalube Ltd. presenting his paper

Mr. Francis Puyol of Redex France presenting his paper

Mr. Sanjay Ghosh of Signode India Ltd. presenting his paper

One of the interactive sessions in progress

The following papers were presented during the technical session :

           Technological Advancements in Continuous Casting Copper Rod Systems

by Michael E. Gallagher & Reed von Gal,
SCR Technologies, Southwire Company, USA


           Development in CC Rod & Wire Industry : Challenges Ahead

by Sanjay Sarkar & Anil Kapoor,
Hindalco Industries Ltd., (Unit : Birla Copper), Dahej


           Reduction of Wire Breakage Complaint Associated With 8 mm dia CC Rod

by Awadhesh Kumar*, Nirmalya Mukherjee* & Subhendra Nanda**,
Hindustan Copper Ltd.,Taloja* / Kolkata**


           Continuous Cast Copper Rods

by Alok Ranjan, Sesa Sterlite Ltd., (Unit: Sterlite Copper), Tuticorin


           Rautomead Technology for Continuous Casting of Oxygen-Free Copper, Copper-Magnesium & Other Copper Conductor Alloys

by Sir Michael Nairn, Rautomead Limited, Dundee, Scotland


           Hot Rolling of Continuous Cast Copper RAs SK Synthetic Lubrication

by Scott Schultz, RichardsApex AustralAsia, Australia

           Copper CC Rods - Expectations of Users

by Amrut Kajrekar, Ram Ratna Group, Silvassa Unit


           Ongoing Advancements in the Field of Copper Wire Lubrication

by Wayne Thornhill, Metalube Limited, U.K.


           Magnet Wire from Round to Flat in One Pass

by Francis Puyol, REDEX France & Bejoy Menon, REDEX India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad


           Prospects of Copper and Copper Alloy CCR Wire Rod for Electric Traction

by Hari Narayan, Research Designs & Standards Organisation (RDSO), Lucknow
(could not present personally)

           Packaging as Value Differentiator

by Sanjay Ghosh, Signode India Ltd., Hyderabad


The two technical sessions were chaired by Dr. D. De Sarkar and Dr. P. R. Landge, Asst. Vice President (Quality & Environment), Hindalco Industries Ltd., (Unit: Birla Copper) respectively.


The interactive sessions after each presentation was extremely lively and interesting when the authors answered the questions raised by the audience.