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30th October, 2015




Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) organized the seminar on “Future Need of Copper & Copper Alloy Components in Iron & Steel and Ferro-Alloy Industry” in Kolkata on 30th October, 2015. More than 50 participants attended the programme. They participated from various parts of the country and represented iron & steel industry, suppliers of copper based components to the iron & steel industry, primary copper producers, Research & Development Centres, consultants, academic institutions, laboratories, traders, etc.


During the opening session, Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee, Metallurgist, ICDC welcomed the participants. He also highlighted the activities of the Centre and the objective of organizing the seminar.


Mr. S. Nanda, Director – Operations, Hindustan Copper Ltd., delivered the opening address. In his address he complemented ICDC for organizing focused seminars which ultimately help the industry. He also mentioned that the topic of the seminar was very appropriate in the present context and elaborated how copper and copper alloy components are playing important roles in the iron & steel and ferro alloy industry, like copper staves and tuyeres in blast furnace and copper base moulds in continuous casting.


Dr. S. K. Bhattacharyya, Former Managing Director, Durgapur Steel Plant, SAIL, delivered the keynote address. He mentioned that although steel industry is presently passing through a phase of difficulty, he was sure that it will overcome soon. According to him copper and its alloys have become an integral part in the iron & steel industry. This is because in one hand usage of these components are playing a major role in conservation of energy and on the other a little bit of addition of copper in steel makes the steel more corrosion resistant. He referred this as “partnership of copper and steel”.


Dr. D. De Sarkar, CEO, Indian Copper Development Centre, proposed the Vote of Thanks. He also mentioned that India has ambitious plan of increasing steel production capacity and so the requirement of copper in this sector is bound to increase and the increase would be in terms of both quantity and quality.



Dignitaries sitting on the dais during the Opening Session (L-R) : Mr. I. Mukherjee, Dr. S. K. Bhattacharyya, Mr. S. Nanda, Dr. D. De Sarkar


Mr. Amitabha Gan Chaudhuri of SAIL


Mr. Padmapal of TATA STEEL presenting his paper

Mr. Sumit Dhody of MIPALLOY NOMURA PLATING COMPANY PVT. LTD. presenting his paper


Interactive Session (I) in progress


Interactive Session (II) in progress


A view of the audience


The following papers were presented during the technical session :

·           Future Need of Copper & Copper Alloy Components in Iron & Steel Industry

by R. N. Bhattacharyya, T. Goutham & G. Rajaraman, RINL-VSP, Visakhapatnam


·           Life Improvement of Copper Tuyeres in Blast Furnace

by Manish Pandey, Subhashis Kundu, Ujjal Ghosh, Padmapal, Uttam Singh & G.R.P. Singh, Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur


·           Mould Coatings to improve Productivity & Quality of Continuous Casting in Steel

by Sumit Dhody, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company Pvt. Ltd., Sriperumbudur,Tamil Nadu


·           Copper Bearing Steels from SAIL and Its Applications

by Saikat Kumar De, S. Srikanth, Dr. A. K. Bhakat, Atul Saxena & Dr. B. K. Jha, RDCIS, SAIL, Ranchi


·           Copper & Copper Alloy Castings for Iron & Steel Industry

by N. K. Varghese, Technocast Metalloys & Engg. Co., Rourkela


·          Copper Based Castings Offered by Ashoka Foundry & Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

by Shashank Agarwal, Ashoka Foundry & Equipment (P) Ltd., Bokaro, Jharkhand

·           Components for Iron & Steel and Ferro-Alloy Industry – Challenges for Copper Base Foundries

by Prakash Agarwal, Simhagiri Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd., Durg, Chattisgarh


·           Testing & Quality Control of Cast Copper Alloy Items Used in Steel Industries

by Aniruddha Mukherjee, White & Brown Alloy Castings Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata


The two technical sessions were chaired by Dr. T. K. Roy and Mr. J. C. Marwah.


Each technical session was followed by extremely lively and interesting interactive discussions when the authors of the papers answered the various queries raised by the audience.