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Hilton Mumbai International Airport


23rd July, 2015




The Seminar on “Induction Furnace & Refractory for Copper & Copper Alloy Melting – Best Practices in Selection & Operation” was organized by Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) on 23rd July 2015 in Mumbai. More than 75 participants from various parts of the country and abroad attended the programme. They represented manufacturers of induction furnace, refractories & crucibles; primary copper producers; manufacturers of copper based rolled, extruded & cast products; as well as organization providing online business support to the non-ferrous industries.


During the opening session, Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee, Metallurgist, ICDC welcomed the participants. He also highlighted the activities of the Centre and the objective of organizing the seminar.


Mr. D. K. Jain, President, Indian Non-ferrous Metal Manufacturers’ Association & Managing Director, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Ltd., Rewari, presided over the opening session. In his presidential address he mentioned his long association with ICDC and how the activities of the Centre have progressed over the years providing “useful linkage between the manufacturers and users of copper and copper alloy products”. He added that the Indian copper based industry has a good prospect but the technological challenges faced by them can be taken care of, if they work together with the equipment & technology suppliers for sustained business development of both these sectors.


Mr. S. Nanda, Director – Operations, Hindustan Copper Ltd. was the Chief Guest of the seminar. In his address he mentioned the important role played by refractory during smelting & converting stage of primary copper production and also during melting stage of downstream product manufacture. He said how induction furnace is capable of producing good quality melt quickly. He added that the motto of the day is to “produce the product with improved productivity, improved quality at a lesser cost”.


Dr. P. Sriram, Chairman, Rapsri Engineering Products Co. Ltd., delivered the keynote address. He elaborated his experience of long association with ICDC and also emphasized on the need for technological development in the field of induction furnace and refractories in order to obtain good quality melt at reasonable cost.


The opening session concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. D. De Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Indian Copper Development Centre. He also mentioned that there is enormous scope of growth for copper industry in the country. As the usage of copper & its alloys would increase, the total volume of melting would also increase and as a result of which the role of the furnace and refractory manufacturers become extremely important for business growth of all these sectors.



Dignitaries sitting on the dais (L-R) : Mr. I. Mukherjee, Mr. D. K. Jain, Mr. S. Nanda, Dr. P. Sriram & Dr. D. De Sarkar


A view of the audience


Mr. Srinivasan Rajashekhar of Electrotherm (India) Ltd. presenting his paper

Mr. Siddharta Roy of TRL Krosaki Refractories Ltd. presenting his paper


Interactive Session (I) in progress


Interactive Session (II) in progress


The following papers were presented during the technical session :

·           Innovations in Induction Melting Technology

by Srinivasan Rajashekhar, Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Ahmedabad


·           Induction Furnaces in Copper and Copper Alloy Industry

by Prakash Chaubal, Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd., Bopal, Ahmedabad


·           Melting and Casting – Clean and Efficient Way Through Induction

by B. G. Shah & Chetan Gosalia, Pioneer Furnaces Pvt. Ltd., Vithal Udyognagar, Gujarat


·           ABP Induction Systems – Solution for Non Ferrous Metal Melting

by Jivraj Sutaria & Amit Rana, ABP Induction Systems Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara


·           MTLEXS.COM – Non-Ferrous Metals Marketplace

by Suneel R. Mardia, MTLEXS.COM, Mumbai


·          Copper Converting Refractories

by Siddharta Roy, TRL Krosaki Refractories Ltd., Jharsuguda, Odisha

·           Leading Edge Refractory Technology in Induction Furnaces for Melting Copper Alloys

by Steven L Roe, Allied Mineral Products Inc., USA


·           Melting Copper and Copper Alloys with DFP - Refractories

by Deepak Rai, Dörentrup Feuerfestprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, Ahmedabad


·           CALDE™ SHIELD – Enhancing Refractory Formations

by Andrew Fowler, CALDERYS, England


The two technical sessions were chaired by Mr. H. Maheshwary of Gujarat Nippon Group & Mr. S. K. Mongia of Fouress Enterprises.


Each technical session was followed by extremely lively and interesting interactive sessions when the authors of the papers answered the various questions raised by the audience.