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Electrical sector plays a vital role in the overall development of any country and India is no exception.  Power generation in India is poised for major growth as huge generation capacity addition of 100 GW has been targeted for 12th Plan Period.  Indian electrical equipment manufacturing industry is also registering steady growth to cater to the demand.


Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) organized the above seminar in Mumbai on 20th September, 2014. About 60 participants attended the programme. They represented manufacturers of transformers & motors; winding wires; copper based semis and primary copper producers. Participants were also from specialised copper product manufacturing industry as well as company providing online support to the non ferrous industries.


During the opening session Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee, Metallurgist, ICDC, welcomed the participants. He also highlighted the activities of the Centre and the objective of organizing the seminar.


Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, President, Winding Wire Manufacturers’ Association of India (WWMAI) & President, Ram Ratna Group presided over the opening session. In his address he mentioned that as the new government is very focused in the growth of the electrical industry, it has become a great challenge for the winding wire industry to accept that challenge and sustain in this competitive market. According to him only the quality product manufacturer will be the winner at the end. He also mentioned the necessity of our country to move from “swg” system to “mm” measuring system and how FTA has become the biggest threat of the Indian copper based product manufacturing industry.


Mr. Mahendra Mehta, Chairman, Precision Wires India Ltd., & Past President, WWMAI addressed the participants. He mentioned how the winding wire manufacturing industry of the country has developed over the years in technology as well as capacity. At present this industry has substantial capacity to cater to the demand of the user industry. He added that some of the products which were being imported earlier are being manufactured indigenously.


Mr. D.K. Jain, President, Indian Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturers Association (INFMMA) & Managing Director, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Ltd., in his address mentioned that how he has been benefitted by ICDC since his association with the Centre from 1981. He mentioned that great improvement has taken place to the copper rolled product industry and the same is geared up to meet the requirement of the transformer industry. He also emphasized on the fact how FTA has become a cause of concern for the copper based semis manufacturing industry.


Dr. D. De Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, ICDC while proposing the Vote of Thanks, highlighted how ICDC for the past five decades has been providing linkage between the refined copper producers, semis manufacturers and the end users of copper industry. He also added that suitable measures should be taken by the copper conductor manufacturers of the country for their survival and growth which will ultimately help the actual end users like manufacturers of transformers and motors in sourcing quality products indigenously.



Dignitaries sitting on the dais (L – R): Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee, Mr. D.K. Jain, Mr. Shreegopal Kabra, Mr. Mahendra Mehta, Dr. D. De Sarkar


Interactive session in progress


Interactive session in progress

A view of the audience


Another view of the audience


The following papers were presented during the technical session :

·           Prospect of Copper in EHV Transformer

by J. S. Kuntia, Milind Kulkarni & Archana Chatterjee, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Bhopal


·           Criticality of Copper in Traction Transformer

by J. P. Koria, High Volt Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai


·           Copper Conductor for Power Transformer

by J. P. Koria, High Volt Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai


·           Prospects of Copper Foil for Transformer Winding

by Deepak Sanghi & Umang Jain, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt. Ltd., Rewari, Haryana


·           A Comprehensive View of Existing and Upcoming Copper Requirements in Rotating Electrical Machines

by Manu Mishra, Bhupendra Jena & Manvendra Bhakta, AME Division, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Bhopal


·           Energy Efficient Motors – Role of Copper

by Dilip Pawar, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Ahmednagar

·           Manufacture of Short Circuit Rings for Traction Motors

by Sumit Dhody, Mipalloy, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu


·           Issues with Copper for LT & MV Motors

by Salil Nerurkar, Marathon Electric Motors (India) Ltd., Mumbai


·           What Siemens Motors is Looking from Indian Insulated Copper Wire Manufacturers

by Ashish Shere, Siemens Ltd., Thane


·           MTLEXS.COM – India’s First B2B Online Marketplace Dedicated to Buyers & Sellers of Non Ferrous Metals

by Suneel R. Mardia, MTLEXS.COM, Mumbai


The two technical sessions were chaired by Dr. D. De Sarkar and Mr. H.G. Chandrashekar, Managing Director, Copprrod Industries Pvt Ltd., respectively.


The interactive discussion sessions were extremely interesting where the authors of the papers answered the various queries raised by the audience.


M/s. Mipalloy, M/s. TDT Copper Ltd., & M/s. MTLEXS.COM also displayed their products and literature at the seminar venue.