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Indian Copper Development Centre organized the seminar on "Technological Developments In Manufacture Of Copper &    Copper   Alloy Tubes,  Rods And Sections", at  Mumbai on 19th February, 2010.  About 90 participants attended the programme from all over the country and also overseas.   They represented manufacturers of copper based extruded & drawn products, rolled products and cast products; as also manufacturers of extrusion, CONFORM process, annealing, testing equipments and die & lubricants.


During the opening session, Mr. Nitin Agrawal, Executive Director, Multimetals Ltd., welcomed the participants.  Mr. S.J. Kanal, Chairman, Shree Balaji Industrial Corporation and Mr. T.U. Shenava, Managing Director, Industrial Tube Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. addressed the participants.   Dr. D. De Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Indian Copper Development Centre proposed the Vote of Thanks.


Experts in the field of manufacturing equipments for extrusion & redrawing and CONFORM process as well as lubricant, dies, annealing furnace and testing equipments made very interesting presentations during the two technical sessions held during the day.  These technical sessions were chaired by Mr. Gurmit Singh, Managing Director, Rajco Metal Industries Pvt. Ltd., and Dr. D. De Sarkar.


Dignitaries sitting on the dais during opening session (L-R) : Mr. Nitin Agrawal, Mr. T. U. Shenava, Mr. S. J. Kanal, Dr. D. De Sarkar
Mr. David Liddle of AMSAG UK Ltd. is presenting his paper
A view of the audience
Interactive session in progress

The following papers were presented  :


·           Increasing the Efficiency of Copper Tube Production –

Reducing the Conversion Cost of Copper

by David Liddle, ASMAG UK Limited, U.K.


·           Endless Copper Tube Process for High-Quality of Thin-Wall

Copper Tubes

                    by Lorenzo Costantini (Presented by Kristiaan van Teutem), Danieli Centro

                   Maskin, Italy


·           Dies and Tools for Extrusion and Drawing

by Malaya Johari & Hitesh Sharma, Electro Die Tools, Jaipur


·           Tungsten Carbide as a Preferred Tool Material in Bar &

Tube Manufacturing

by Vikram Chopra & R. S. Ravishankar, KENNAMETAL India Ltd., Bangalore


·           Continuous Rotary Extrusion

by Angus MacKinnon, Meltech-Confex Ltd., UK


·         Metal Forming – A Lubricant Manufacturer’s Perspective

by Dr. Amitabh K. Jain, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Navi Mumbai


·         Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System for Cleaning Lubricant

Used in Copper Tube Drawing Process

by A. P. Gokhale, Autowin Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune


·           Annealing of Copper and its Alloy Tubes

by Santosh K. Tantri & Amzad Sheikh, Seco Warwick Allied Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai


·           Eddy Current Testing of Non-ferrous Extrudes

by P. Subramanyam, TECHNOFOUR, Pune



The participants found themselves extremely benefited from the deliberations and also from the lively discussions after each presentation when the authors of the papers replied various queries raised by the audience.