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8th August, 2019




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“Both steel and copper play important role in country’s development and demand for both the metals are increasing for several applications” said Mr. Arun Kumar Shukla, Director (Operations), Hindustan Copper Ltd. in his inaugural address during the Opening Session of the Seminar on “Prospects of Copper & Copper Alloy Components in Iron & Steel Industry” organised by Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) in Kolkata on 8th August, 2019. He also congratulated ICDC for arranging such a focussed seminar.


Mr. Sushim Banerjee, Director General, Institute for Steel Development & Growth (INSDAG), addressed the participants. He mentioned the important role played by copper as an alloying element in steel in improving the corrosion resistance. He mentioned the usefulness of copper bearing steel in railway wagons as well as copper bearing TMT bars.


Dr. T. K. Toy, Former Jt. Managing Director of M. N. Dastur & Co. (P) Ltd. and Former Tata Chair Professor, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, BESU (now IIEST), also addressed the participants.


Dr. D. De Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, Indian Copper Development Centre, welcomed the participants. He also introduced ICDC and mentioned its long history to the participants.


The Opening Session concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Mr. I. Mukherjee, Metallurgist, Indian Copper Development Centre.






During the two Technical Sessions, the following presentations were made :

·         “Tuyere Failure at JSW VJNR”

by Ashish Nair & Srinivas Rao, JSW Steel Ltd., Vijaynagar, Karnataka


·         “Development of Long Life Tuyere at Tata Steel – Jamshedpur”

by Ujjal Ghosh & Rajeswar Chatterjee, Tata Steel Ltd., Jamshedpur


·          “Scenario of Copper and Copper Alloys Usage Review on Iron, Steel and Ferroalloy Industries : An Overview”

by Dr. Arghya Majumder, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam and Prof. Rajib Dey, Jadavpur University, Kolkata


·          “Prospects of Copper & Copper Alloy Consumption in RSP”

by T. R. Mohanty, Rourkela Steel Plant (SAIL), Odisha


·          “Mould Coatings to Improve Productivity & Quality of Continuous Casting of Steel”

by Sumit Dhody, Mipalloy Nomura Plating Company LLP, Tamilnadu


·          “Effect of Copper on the Structure and Properties of Ultrahigh Strength Steel”

by Prof. S. Chatterjee, G. Mandal and S. K. Ghosh, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah


·          “Pure Copper Casting and Fabrication”

by Shashank Agarwal, Ashoka Foundry & Equipment (P) Ltd., Bokaro


·          “Copper Mould Tube of Continuous Casting Machine”

by Siddharth Maloo, Jay Market Creators (P) Ltd., Kolkata


·          “Testing & Quality Control of Cast Copper Alloy Items Used in Steel Industries”

by Aniruddha Mukherjee, White & Brown Alloy Castings Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata


·          “Process Improvement & Technology Development – METNMAT Approach”

by Mukesh Kumar, Anisha Banka & Tanumoy Bar, METNMAT Research Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata


The two technical sessions were chaired by Mr. Bhaskar Roy, Advisor to CMD, M. N. Dastur & Co. (P) Ltd., and Dr. D. De Sarkar respectively. After each technical session, there was very lively discussion session, when the authors answered various queries raised by the audience.

The seminar was attended by about 50 participants. They included representatives from iron & steel industry, suppliers of copper based products to the iron & steel industry, primary copper producer, engineering institutes, metallurgical consultants, metallurgical start-ups, and media.