ICDC since its very inception has been collecting and documenting books, journals, reprints of published articles, technical reports,  bibliographies, slides and films from various sources throughout the world. Technical information requested by members is  provided from this vast pool of data and literature, which  is constantly  being up-dated.

The Centre has also  been building up an information bank on fact-based data relating to production of copper, its manufacturing technology, and utilisation of copper and copper based products.

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The Centre regularly organises seminars, symposia, conferences, and technical meetings in which both Indian and overseas experts are invited to participate. Workshops and technical meetings are held to focus the attention of manufacturers, researchers, industrial consultants, decision makers, specifiers and consumers on latest developments. Such programmes provide the participants a forum for effective exchange of views and ideas.

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ICDC provides a variety of technical services which include preparation of technical reports, feasibility studies, assistance in expansion, product/process diversification programmes, investigation of failures, trouble shooting, vendor identification, help in material selection and testing, etc. More specific need based technical guidance and assistance are also provided through plant visits and discussions.

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ICDC while providing effective technical services also acts as an effective liaison body between manufacturers, users, technology developers, equipment suppliers, industries, research institutions and government bodies. ICDC's close association with various organisations both in India and abroad not only helps it in serving efficiently the needs of both the manufacturers and the users but also contributes significantly in formulating standards acceptable to both.


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In-plant lecture courses and training programmes, clinics and workshops are arranged both for individual and groups of industries. These programmes help in imparting necessary knowledge not only to the management but also to the shop-floor personnel so that they can overcome day-to-day problems and accomplish improved productivity and product quality.

The Centre also conducts special awareness creation programmes on topics such as benefits of using copper, new applications, innovative products and processes, cost effectiveness, environmental aspects, etc.

The technical officers of the Centre also up-date their knowledge regularly through visits, discussions and literature support. Information received on latest developments are transmitted to the Indian industries to suit the existing facilities of the concerned industry.


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In its ceaseless endeavour to promote indigenisation of technology, ICDC identifies both potential areas of research while also actively assisting and participating in industrial R&D projects. In addition to sponsoring and conducting research on newer processes and products, specific sponsored projects are also undertaken on a collaborative basis for manufacturing and user industries.

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To assess the need of the end use sectors both in terms of quality and quantity and the prospects of copper, the Centre undertakes market research on specific request. Some statistical information and data are collected and updated periodically.

Special activities are planned to develop newer market for copper as also to retain its traditional uses based on copper's techno-economic superiority.

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The Centre publishes a quarterly journal - "Copper Topics" containing technical articles, industry news, technical data, information on new developments etc.

All the proceedings of seminars/ symposia organised by the Centre are recorded and published in the form of bound volumes.

ICDC publishes "Directory of Indian Copper Industries" containing useful data on Indian copper industries viz. names & addresses, contact details, type of plant, range of products, capacity, etc.

Technical booklets on specific subjects are also published from time to time for free circulation.

While "Copper Topics" is supplied free of cost to our members, proceedings and directory are priced publications. For details see OUR PUBLICATIONS and for obtaining copies CONTACT US.

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