The Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) is a non-trading and non-profit making organisation. It was founded in the year 1966 in the historic city of Calcutta (now called Kolkata), initially as a branch of erstwhile International Copper Development Council, CIDEC, Geneva. It was reborn in 1976, on the dissolution of the parent body, as Indian Copper Information Centre, a registered Indian Society recognised by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, as a Scientific Research body devoted to the cause of copper and copper alloys.

In 1986, the Centre was renamed as Indian Copper Development Centre (ICDC) in line with its change in outlook from just an information dissemination body to one capable of providing a more comprehensive range of services aimed at overall growth and development of copper based industry comprising of both manufacturers and users.


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The objectives of the Centre are to encourage effective, efficient and right use of copper and copper alloys, promoting and developing market for copper on the basis of techno-economic considerations and providing suitable guidance to the Indian Industry to enhance their capability in terms of both quality and variety.

The Centre's ACTIVITIES are planned, executed and monitored carefully so that the desired objectives are fulfilled for the benefit of the copper based industry.

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Excellent planning and execution of the Centre's ACTIVITIES aimed at meeting its objectives of providing a variety of technical and relevant support services have enabled us to claim credit for the present status of the Indian copper base industry in effectively meeting a major portion of the country's demand for copper and copper base products. The market demand has also registered high growth rate and the trend continues.

Some glimpses of our success story :

Intimate knowledge of the industry
Introduction of latest technologies in the processing and fabrication through active participation and assistance during technology transfer/adoption stage.
Improvement in both quality and yield during manufacture.
Failure analysis and trouble shooting for producers, fabricators and users.
Development of import substitute material through co-operative R&D at both laboratory and pilot plant level.
Establishment of copper's role as micro-nutrient through fundamental and applied research.
Development of alternate route for secondary copper manufacture.
Conducting extensive market research.
Creation of new market for copper .
Re-introduction of copper house wiring cables.
Development and popularisation of copper paneled solar water heaters.
Popularisation of fire sprinkler system in buildings.
Active participation in expansion and product diversification programme.
Participation in new projects.
Established credential as industry's prime source of comprehensive information.
Contribution to various committees formulated by Government of India to help formulating decision/strategies.
Valuable contribution towards formulating Indian Standards Specifications by Bureau of Indian Standards.

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We work in close association with like minded National and International associations.

  International : The Centre is actively associated with International Copper Association, Ltd. , the Asian Copper Council and International Copper Promotion Council (India) in the market development programmes for copper. Free exchange of technical information and ideas are held with COPPER CENTRES all over the world. In addition we maintain association with other international bodies, viz., International Wrought Copper Council, International Copper Study Group, etc. 


  National : We maintain a close liaison with several National associations and work together in areas of mutual interest. This includes R&D and academic institutes like National Metallurgical Laboratory, Non Ferrous Materials Technology Development Centre, Indian Institutes of Technology, Engineering Colleges and universities as also professional bodies like Indian Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturers' Association, Telecom Cables Development Association, Confederation of Indian Industry and other Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Electrical Research  and Development Association, Electrical Contractor's Association, etc.


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